Week 10 – 2000 miles

Miles traveled:

Thursday: 60

Friday: 59

Saturday: 53

Sunday: 39

Monday: 60

Trip Total: 2097

It turns out that 2000 miles does eventually take a toll on your body.  Remember, stretching isn’t just for sports, and it only gets more important as you get older.

Also, it turns out I’m not immune to poison ivy anymore. It’s only a small annoyance for me though, hopefully I never get it really bad like some people.

I got to meet two kittens this week, one of which took a quick nap in my lap.  It also had a tendency to carry small objects around from room to room so that it could play with them once there.  Kittens are pretty sweet.

I’m going to be pushing hard to get home now, doing 50+ miles a day; I think I’ll be home in a little over a week.  Home has a lot of appeal right now.

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