Week 9 – back on the road

Miles traveled:
Sunday (a week ago): 32

Wednesday: 55

Trip Total: 1826

Current location: north of Athens

Next destination: Charlotte

It was (mostly) good to be back on the road. I was definitely feeling a bit cooped up.

But it was a nice little break. I got to see a bunch of family members I don’t see often, and the only baseball game I’ve seen in a decade was a blowout for the home team.

I also went to the first wedding I’ve heard of that had a soccer game in between ceremony and reception. That sets a pretty high bar for other wedding activities.

There were some nice things but Niagara, here are some of the pictures I took off them:

And here’s a picture of me looking like an MMA fighter from right after I got my hair cut. (It’s a good thing you can’t see my arms)

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