Week 8 – the end (of this half)

Miles travelled:

Wednesday: 55

Thursday: 58

Friday: 58

Saturday: 62

Trip total: 1739

Currently between Athens and Lawrenceville. Next stop: Lawrenceville

This week I biked through a city festival. And also a yard sale that stretched for several blocks and felt almost like a fair. I feel like the people who make money at these things are the ones settling food. I didn’t take pictures because my phone was almost dead.

I’m almost done with my journey south. It’s unfortunate that on my last day Google is calling for thunderstorms all day. At least it will be a short day.

Then it’s no biking for more than a week. Orat least nothing of note. And then time to do it all over again but backwards and in heels.

Mushrooms can look cool too:

Do churches need road signs now?

Some towns have nice public areas:

Last pre-wash selfie:

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