Fire in the Basement

When I was leaving for work, the day before yesterday, I noticed that a small fire had started in the basement. I was already hustling to get to work on time. I decided to deal with it when I got home.

The fire was still small, when I got off work. I didn’t have time to deal with it though. I needed to make dinner, and also I was tired. It could wait.

Yesterday was a wash too. Terry didn’t show up for his shift, so I had to pull a double. There was smoke leaking out of the basement, but I just didn’t have the energy at that point. Besides, I had the next day off; it could wait.

I got a late start today, I was really exhausted, needed to catch up on some sleep that I was missing. And then I’ve been running errands all day. Going to the grocery store, the bank, the drug store, things like that. I just want to sit down, and try to catch up on my DVR. Smoke is really pouring out from the cracks around the door now and I think I need a whole day to deal with it anyway.

Tomorrow for sure though.

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