Week 6 (2) – heading into the storm

Current location: Sanford

Next stop: still Fayetteville

Miles biked:

Saturday: 13

Sunday: 25

Monday: 52

Trip total: 1360

I’ve been taking it slow and using libraries for their free wifi and ample electrical outlets. Mostly because I don’t really have anywhere to be for awhile.

The only thing to report is that it’s been legitimately cold this past week. I’ve been waking up to 40 degree temps. Luckily, it’s going to warm up soon. Unluckily, that’s going to come with a lot of rain. I picked up the pace so that hopefully I won’t have to travel I the rain.

I don’t know exactly how much is coming obviously, and Google has been changing the estimates on me. But I likely won’t be eating any oatmeal for awhile.

I should survive. Should.

On another note, I’ve been running into hydrants in the middle of nowhere

This one isn’t even next to a field. There’s no developed land within reach of a house that I can tell. So if you know what that’s about let me know.

Either way, enjoy these:

Me not happy that I’m going to get wet:

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