Week 6 – ‘riding’ a horse

Current location: Winston-Salem

Next stop: Fayetteville

Miles biked:

Saturday: 53

Sunday: 31

Monday, Tuesday: 0

Wednesday: 35

Thursday: 12

Friday: 21

Trip total: 1270

So yeah, I got to ride a horse, if by ride you mean sit on for a minute while my aunt takes a picture.

My aunt and uncle were kind to me this week,sheltering and feeding me. Theyhave two horses but they are a bit wild bedside they have not been ridden in awhile and they also just moved.

I am assured that I can go for a proper ride on my way back.

Here are their two horses:

They are bigger than They appear in this photo. They also have somereally nice flowers.

And I found out my camera can do better closeup photos than I thought.

I’ll need a haircut soon.

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