The Rain

I lie on the cold grass. My head is tilted to the side, where I can see a pretty daisy swaying gently in the wind. I think if I looked away now, I would still see it, the image burned into my eyes. My ankles are crossed over each other. They’ve been there for so long that I don’t know which one is on top anymore. My hips hurt from the weird pressure of being still for so long. My neck is stiff.

Moving would solve these problems. If only I had a reason to.

The wind picks up, blowing the daisy at a steeper angle. One of the pristine white petals comes loose and dances away on the wind. I track it with my eyes until it is blown too far to the side. With the wind comes clouds. The world gets a bit darker, I assume because the Sun has been covered up. I can’t actually see it.

The clouds bring rain. Light, small drops at first, but they quickly change. The drops are so large that they actually sting slightly as they hit me. I would be more comfortable if I covered my face with my arm.

The downpour doesn’t let up. Rivulets appear around me, and then streams. The small hill I’m on stays unsubmerged. For now. I see drier, higher ground in the distance. I could escape to there.

The water rises enough to cover my sanctuary. Every breath creates ripples in its surface. I sit up, my muscles protesting.

The water is up to my neck, I have to stand to keep from drowning. There’s still shelter to my right, if I take it.

I tread water for as long as I can.

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