Day 31 – getting wet and meeting new people

Miles since last update: 360

Saturday: 47

Sunday: 59

Monday: 0

Tuesday: 82

Wednesday: 61

Thursday: 59

Friday: 0

Saturday: 52

Trip total: 1118

I passed 1k miles this week which is cool. I also got rained on for the first time. Luckily I could sit out the worst day because I had enough supplies. The coolest was meeting new people though. They were incredibly generous to someone they had never met, letting me stay in their house and eat their food.

In problem news, on Tuesday I rode so far because I needed to replace a tie with a sidewall puncture. The new tire is supposedly super tough, hopefully it will last longer. Also I had to backtrack 10 miles today because a hammock strap fell off my bike. And while doing that I got a flat. So that was fun. Also my laptop died so I have to deal with that.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow when I have a better connection.

One thought on “Day 31 – getting wet and meeting new people

  1. FYI, Mercury goes out of retrograde on 5/3, so expect improvement 🙂 But watch for the rain that is coming.

    Will think of you tonight as we roll dice at Shirlington Library strategy gaming.


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