Dave’s Eureka

It was an otherwise normal day when Dave finally solved it. Writing it all down was difficult because he was practically dancing in his chair. This is the key, he thought, this will change everything. He was smiling from ear to ear, his eyes were bright. After all this time, he thought.

When he got the last of it down, he jumped out of his chair, and ripped the paper off his desk. I have to share this, he thought, everyone needs to know.

“Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!” he shouted, as he ran down the brightly lit, white hallways, his besocked feet slipping slightly on the smooth tile floor every time he slid around a corner.

“Eureka! I did it! Eureka!” he announced to everyone in the room, when he burst in. Most of the people didn’t pay any attention to him. They kept quietly playing checkers, or watching TV, or watching the wall. But Dave knew who would listen. He ran to the nurse’s station, where Lindsey was already walking towards him.

Dave waved the paper in front of her face, “I did it, I did it, I DID IT!” he yelled, much closer to Lindsey’s ears than she would have liked.

“That’s great Dave. Why don’t we go back to your room and you can explain it to me.” Lindsey said, and guided him gently back the way he came.

Dave couldn’t wait to reach his room and started to explain as they went. “It all came to me when I realized that if we are all made of the same stuff, which we are, then that means…”

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