The Mirror

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What flaws is your face hiding? What secrets do those eyes hold?

When I look in the mirror, I see a person. It’s not me though. I don’t look like someone took skin and laid it over pebbles. I don’t resemble a satellite photo of a rocky landscape. That’s not me.

But I still look. It’s useful to look. It’s useful to know what other people see when they stare at me. So that I’m not surprised by their reactions. So that I can anticipate what they’ll say. I need that reminder. That they don’t see me.

Some people look too much. They look in the morning. They look in the evening. They look before they work out. They look after they work out. They become obsessed with how other people see them. They worry too much about their face, and not enough about themselves.

But remember that it’s just a face. And the next time that you look in the mirror and you think “that’s not me,” remember that it’s all you ever see. All you ever see is the face in the mirror. You never get to see them.

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