Day 9

I didn’t have service for a couple days there, so here we go, 7-9.

Miles travelled: 115(329)

Toes lost to frostbite: 0

First, I figured out why I’m cold at night and its all Ian’s fault (as most things are). See sleeping bags work by tapping warm air in air pockets. That means when the bag gets compressed it doesn’t work right, like for instance while sleeping in a hammock. Hammock people refer to this as cold butt syndrome (it even has a name Ian).

The solution is to use a sleeping pad, which I will be buying.

Also I did my longest day today at 50 miles so that’s a plus. I’m thinking of doing a century while headed to the outer banks since it will be all downhill. We’ll see. I’ll definitely do one before I’m done.

Anyway, here’s some photos I liked.

This is a cozy little spot that I found:

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