Day 3

I made it to Dan and Mary’s in beautiful bustling Doswell, VA. So that’s good. Got an early start, too. I even saw the sun. Unfortunately due to very little ( or possibly no) sleep, the whole trip was much harder than it should have been. Still, it was nice being on clear roads the whole time.

I arrived at what I thought would be a full house, but it was just my aunt and one of my littlest cousins. Both of them are doing quite well and I am doing much better after a bit of rest and recovery.

Miles travelled: 32 (105)

Peanut butter sandwiches eaten: 2 (14) thanks aunt Mary!

Toddlers scarred: 0

Only 1 photo today of another cool stump. Stumps are the best!

And a bonus video of a fire vortex in my stove. The sound is a built in fan that forces air in.

And of course a beard selfie. Definitely visible now.  Still very scratchy.


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