Day 2

Today’s weather: not fun. A high of around 55 and raining most of the day. Still glad I’m going south.

Miles biked: 31(73)

Peanut butter sandwiches eaten: 8(12)

Accidents caused: 0

Things on Matt’s wishlist: being dry

Lessons learned today:

If my shoes are soaking wet then it doesn’t matter if I put on dry socks.

It’s worth getting up to pee even if it’s cold out.

If I am exercising then many of my body’s signals will be disrupted. I have to eat, even when I’m not hungry. I’ve learned that one before playing sports, but sometimes things don’t stick.

Everything is a little bit harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully that gets better as I get used to it.

And now some photos.

Dogwoods are pretty. This helps to make up for the Jeff Davis thing. (I  took this picture yesterday.

This tree stump is super big.

Here’s me next to it for scale.

And here’s its gnarly brother.

Beard growth selfie. Not very visible, but very scratchy.

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