Day 1

A summary:

After running a few last minute errands I got on the road at 10:30.

I arrived at my camp site at 4:30

Miles travelled: 42

Peanut butter sandwiches eaten: 4

Weather: cold and overcast but manageable. I’m happy to be traveling south though.

Forest fires started: 0

Overall it was a quiet day except for that one guy.

I made it where I was trying to go and I didn’t even get murdered or have to ask for help (Google doesn’t count).

I do have some thoughts though, in no particular order.

It’s pretty messed up that we named a highway after the president of the confederacy, almost anyone else would be more deserving.

There are a lot of telegraph roads.

I should have done more bike rides to prepare.

Hammocks are comfy.

And now some photos.

The hammock from the outside.

The hammock from the inside.

Me inside the hammock.

The LEDs mean I have full power

Beard growth selfie.  Still nothing to see

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