It’s On

I’m finally packed and ready to go.


This is everything I’m bringing with me (minus clothes).  There’s no tent, only a hammock with a rain fly.  Most of it packs up into the various bags and containers shown.  I didn’t have enough space to take out the sleeping bag and hammock, but I’ll give an action shot of them tomorrow when I take them out.  Not shown: my watch, because I forgot it for the photo.


And this is all of the clothes I’m taking with me.  All of the clothes are quick dry except the wool socks, and the bandanna is as much equipment as clothing, but this is it.  Not shown: my athletic shorts that I plan to use as pajamas because I’m wearing them, and my jacket because I forgot it.


And this is how little space they will take up in my bags.  Of course I’ll be wearing some of them, so they will actually take up less.


Bonus pic: I shaved.  I’m planning to take a picture every day and document my beard growth.  (Shaving sucks)

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